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Penny's Silver Dragon

Oh what troubles abound when Penny's ostrich egg hatches, only it isn't an ostrich she now has to raise. How can she and John keep her new pet out of the hands of scientists who will take him away from her? A delightful story of loyalty and the responsibility of owning such a strange and wonderful pet. For readers 8 to 12 years.

107 pages

6" x 9"

ISBN 1 876922 11 7

$8.50 US



The tranquillity of a Western Australian wheatbelt town is shattered when an out-of-State shearing team secure local contracts by thuggery and scare tactics. Nick Manetti, a returned Vietnam veteran who the whole town fears, reluctantly becomes involved when the trouble escalates and threatens his livelihood.

When Becky Cooper, the new girl in town, witnesses the horrific murder of Nick's best friend, she flees for her life, Nick rescuing her from the clutches of trained killers in the nick of time. But were they seen escaping? And if so, where will they be safe?

At the height of a bitter storm they race across country in a bid to reach safety as a personal war unfolds for them both. As the town wades into a battle it is totally unprepared for, Becky’s and Nick’s lives hang in the balance.

Who will survive the ruthless violence that plays out on Devlin Street?

365 pages

$22.00 US




While an out of control wildfire devours the high country plains of Victoria, recently orphaned Clarrise and Chris Darcy flee with their horses down a steep and rugged gully called The Overflow. Rescuing a herd of wild horses and their Nanna’s Hereford cattle along the way they battle the ravages of the fire and sharp shooters who try to eradicate their Nanna’s prize bull, Bawldy. The future of their farm and family hinges on saving the horses and the Herefords but first they must survive the all consuming, unstoppable flames.

170 Pages

$15.00 US






21st February 2024