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What a Life!

Author: Marianne Stevens

Beginning life in Northern Ireland, Marianne grew up in London during the fun-filled ‘60’s. After working in beautiful Bermuda she became a naval wife and travelled extensively between New Zealand, England, Australia and Europe. Overcoming breast cancer 30 years ago she was determined to follow her bucket list and keep her life full as she battles with cancer again. Marianne dedicates this book to all women suffering from breast cancer and says, ‘Just enjoy every day!" Her story shows her passion for life, travel and family as she mixes with show business personalities and a long list of close friends.


186 pages colour

$23.50 US


Austral Road

Author: Kate Bowes

Austral Road is an account of everyday life on the Goldfields during World War II. Although the terrible events of that time are woven through the story, the joys of childhood (some based on true happenings while a few are grounded in the author's imagination) are captured in an era when children had the freedom to roam and explore the countryside. It was a time of simplicity and innocence, hardship and sadness.

224 pages


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Voyage Through Adversity

Author:  Geoff Trigg


This is the story of John Stephenson Henry, engineer, surveyor and architect. During the Irish potato famine,
John embarked his family on a long and tragic voyage from Ireland to Australia, arriving at the start of the Victorian gold rush.
     Battling to establish an engineering career in the new country John eventually settled his family in Warrnambool, Victoria.
     Gleaning information from his great, great grandfather’s shipboard diary and the memoirs of his son, George, author Geoff Trigg relates the Henry family’s experiences and survival through all that fate threw at them. Newspaper articles and rare, personal letters from Ireland all bring John’s life, and the times in which he lived, into focus.
     John’s strength and tenacity through adversity resulted in his descendants expanding into every corner of Australia, New Zealand as well as further abroad.

460 pages

$20.50 US

$4.64 US ebook






24th April 2024