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Welcome to 2022


Dear Writers and Readers


What a busy year we had in 2021

We released 35 titles of enjoyable reading,

from Life Stories, instructional books, anthologies and poetry,

to Adult Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

and Children's Picture books.


Titles released so far in 2022 are:

How Work Works

Homeless Motes

Clare - The Incredible Story of a Western Australian Built Wooden Ketch

Footprints in the Sand

The Mills of Jarrahdale

Dare to Dream

The Magic Door

Beneath the Radar

The West is Burning

Tomorrow's Promise

Burning Issues

Covid -19 What Kids Need to Know

The Beautiful Butterfly



The office in now manned as usual.

Stay safe and stay well.

Check out Amazon and other on-line bookstores for our latest releases.


The boys proudly showing off some of 2020's books

before getting back to production of the next bank of books

with the following books nearing completion ...

The Amazing Deens

Silent Heroines

To Thine Be True

Making Meaning: Making Sense



They are not so good at social distancing

and are likely to Bear Hug at the slightest opportunity.

So beware when attending the office!!

1st May 2022