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Welcome to 2021


Dear Writers and Readers


What a great year for getting published!

We have released the following titles in 2020:

B B and Dusty's Wildflower Quest

El Duende

Dark Secrets

Amerissance - American Renaissance

Search for a Soul

Promise en Pointe

Bus Stop Bears on Holiday

Ministry and Parenting Challenges

Seasons Come and Go But God Never Changes

Between two Giants

Escape From Tyranny

A Different Drummer

Tomorrow's Roses

Lifting the Lid

The Edge of Life

Freddy's Letters

A Sense of Place

Project Damocles


The office in now manned as usual.

Stay safe and stay well.

Check out Amazon and other on-line bookstores for our latest releases.


The boys proudly showing off some of 2020's books

before getting back to designing the next bank of books

starting with ...

The ImmortaLily Trilogy

Wild Thing

Running Wild


They are not so good at social distancing and are likely to Bear Hug

at the slightest opportunity.

So beware when attending the office!!

25th February 2021