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Meet Denise Crooks


Denise Crooks was born in England in 1945 and emigrated with her family to Australia in 1950, settling in Geraldton, Western Australia

Denise is very family orientated. She grew up loving the ocean and fishing and living the idyllic life of a crayfisherman’s daughter, often getting herself into various hilarious situations. She went on to become an accountant and successful businesswoman. Denise is an avid animal lover –dogs especially are one of her passions. She also loves woodwork and is quite adept at making wooden toys and furniture for family and friends.

Denise has spent many years in the military, both full time and part-time.

She decided to write this book to show the other side of this successful businesswoman with a wicked sense of humour.


Who's Billy?

  In 1950, the Crooks family boarded the P&O Liner Strathaird, bound for Australia. So begins the heartwarming and uplifting story of Denise’s early years.

     Her father takes on a cray fishing business and moves the family to the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, then to a tent on a sandy beach in the South Passage, off the Western Australian coast.  Denise demonstrates resilience and determination during difficult times, surrounded by lots of love and humour, as revealed in her hilarious and often challenging life situations on her journey growing up and through her time in the Regular Army and becoming a successful businesswoman.

     Denise is a self-assured, warm and mischievous woman whose curiosity gets the better of her when she decides to see if she can catch up with an old friend. 

     Denise’s story will touch your heart and leave you smiling.

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Cindy Morrison.  Perth

Well I have just finished reading Denise’s book of Memoirs. Such a great read. The first chapter had me laughing with tears in my eyes! As did the rest of the book. So funny. I could relate to many stories in this book. As I said before there was so much I didn’t know about a family I thought I knew so well. Such a colourful life they led. Mr Crooks had a go at everything and Denise was definitely a Loveable Larrikin! Loved all the stories about my friend Annette too. Good on you Denise. We all Denise’s treat yourselves! You can contact Denise on messenger to get yourself a copy.

Lisa Trollope. Perth

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. What a light-hearted, humorous and beautifully portrayed account of your early years! I laughed at a number of stories and loved getting an insight into your childhood and young adult years. A very well written account of your memoirs! I wish you all the best with this book

Di Fieldhouse. Mandurah

A great read written by a great person! Well done Denise

Claire Aitken. Mount Barker

Who’s Billy is a delightful book from start to finish! It is full of anecdotes that give you a glimpse into the memories of a cheeky, fun loving woman who has lived a life filled with humour and commitment. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to put a smile into their day.

Robin Leake Perth

Who’s Billy?

Clever, cheeky and fun.  A delight to read about places I have been, and some I haven’t, during a time in Australia when life was simpler and friends were lifelong. An irreverent account of army life from the inside with Denise showing her mettle and determination to make it there, and in life, on her terms.  A book to makes you smile, and laugh out loud.

Aileen Shaw Mornington Vic

I received your book today in the mail, I started reading and feel like you are sitting in my lounge with me  loving it.

So pleased to say I loved this book. Thanks for the laughter, Denise Crooks. I feel like I know you

Margaret Little Adelaide SA

This morning I received the book “Who’s Billy?” from Denise Crooks and I must say that once I started well I couldn’t put it down. What an amazing life story, plus your Regular Army memories brings back so many experiences that I’m sure a few of us can relate to ourselves as I know I could. It’s a great read and well done, Denise.





24th April 2024