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Meet Elizabeth Brennan


Elizabeth was born in Sydney and moved to Perth in 1973. She was the Pastoral Associate at Girrawheen Catholic Parish from 1983 to 2001, during which time she was also engaged in Relationship Education. She was Senior Supervisor with the Education section of Relationships Australia for six years.

She co-authored an auto-biography of Fr. Tom Gaine – Winter has Passed– in 2002. After retiring from full-time work, she has had more time to write, a passion she has held since her high school years. She has had numerous articles, poems and short stories published in various magazines and journals, many of which have been awarded prizes.


"A Different Shade of Seeing is an engaging and fascinating book on many levels. On the surface, it is an account of travels in the ancestral homeland of Ireland. But within this frame there is so much else: history, philosophising, and great discoveries to be made. Difficult to categorise, yet continually illuminating, it is a voyage of self-discovery.

"We are privileged guests of the author as she shares her thoughts, observations, and aspirations. History and folklore is discovered and retold through many incredible anecdotes. Arresting and eccentric and warm people emerge from almost every page as the author encounters them and learns their stories.

"A Different Shade of Seeing will have many people packing their bags and heading to Ireland. It will also have many enquiring into their own lives, their own pasts, and will also profoundly change how readers perceive the future. I recommend it very, very highly."

Shane McCauley, BA(Hons). MA(Hons)


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