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Meet Lynley Barnett

Originally from New Zealand, Lyn moved to Sydney in 1975 to raise her four (now grown up) children. In Sydney, she became a mature-age student, and studied when her children studied. First, it was for a General Nursing Diploma, then a Psychiatric Nursing Diploma. When she was invited to teach nursing, she studied for a Teaching Diploma, then a Bachelor of Education to give her the qualifications to teach at a Tertiary Level.

After moving to Perth, Western Australia, she continued Teaching Nursing; was on the Nurses Board as a specialist in Psychiatric Nursing, now called Mental Health. Then she shifted focus a little, and earned a Degree in Counselling, and ran her own practice while working. Further studies headed her down the direction of a Gestalt Psychotherapist, the most difficult of all her qualifications to achieve.

Finally, Lyn stepped aside from her practice and nursing and into the world of Mediation. The Australian Minister for Justice, along with practising Mediators, after a National Australian Conference, decided to raise the Qualifications for Mediation to the equivalent of a degree. The title Alternate Dispute Resolution Practitioner came into being – ADRP for short. Lyn qualified in this field, and was asked to teach it. She continued then to mediate, teach and mentor for twelve years until her retirement.

During her mediation days, Lyn was awarded the title of Approved Court Mediator by the Family Court for work done in Mediation. After studying at Murdoch University, she became a Justice of the Peace and held that role as well until she retired.

Lynley now turns her hand to writing, not only focusing on helping divorcing couples navigating their way through the court system, and the children who are caught in the middle, but for children in general.  

Her titles are:

Letters from Nana

The Spectacular Cat

Tips from a Mediator

Sophie’s Story

Peter’s Story

Zac’s Story

Tommas’s Story






21st February 2024