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Meet David F. Palmer


DAVID PALMER is a retired seventy-one-year-old former management consultant who specialized in strategic business planning for twenty-five years. He is also the ‘old man’ referred to in the chapter entitled New American Patriots and the author of the 911 Research Report; An Australia Perspective, which is contained in Appendix 2.

To date, David has published one philosophical essay, entitled A Thesis on the Nature of Religion, on the Centre for Globalization Research website. He has written and self-published a non-fiction book on mature-age entrepreneurship, entitled Creating your Self-Employed Third Age Career. He also published a speculative fiction novel, entitled Armaginning, through Zeus Publications of Brisbane in 2009 which drew on his technical strategic planning knowledge of forecasting methodologies, his travel experiences, his two business degrees and a Graduate Diploma in International Relations.


Amerissance - American Renaissance

     Jackson Parnell, a decorated American soldier, is demoted and forced to resign his commission for questioning the events in Washington DC and New York on 11th September 2001, commonly known as “911”.
     Resenting his treatment from the Army, Parnell joins the 911 Truth Movement in a quest to learn the real reason the World Trade Center came down. A co-ordinated movement, the American Patriotic Association (the APA) emerges which Jackson Parnell joins, assuming the role of military adviser as they try to restore democracy to the United States of America.
     Amerissance is a geopolitical speculative fiction novel that outlines how the Super-rich can take control of the most powerful nation in the world.


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Trader, The History of Trade, is a portrayal of trade encounters around the world, stretching from 10,000 BC to centuries in the future. The stories are fictional yet are reasonably accurate in historical perspective. Some stories may therefore be a little confronting, as David F. Palmer strives to maintain the conditions and norms that existed in those times and settings in which the events occurred.

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24th April 2024