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Don't Cry For Me

This autobiography by Arthur Leggett is a must read for every Australian. Arthur colourfully relates his life growing up and moving to Perth where he enlists in the Armed Forces to fight a war for the Mother country. Captured on Crete he spends four years in Prisoner of War camps, eventually returning home to make every day of the rest of his life count.

A brilliant story filled with emotion that roils with Arthur's philosophy that Life must be a challenge or it is nothing.

405 pages

6" x 9"

ISBN - 1 876922 25 7

Price $25.00 US




Girls Don't Play Cricket

Growing up in the Edrich family is not easy when you’re ‘a girl’. This is Ena’s story, only sister and youngest sibling of Bill, Geoffery, Brian and Eric Edrich, their names synonymous with English cricket. Ena walks in her brothers’ shadows, trying to find her own niche in life. As she progresses through the years we share in the family interaction, its successes and heartaches as Bill, Geoffery, Brian and Eric strive to reach the pinnacle of their cricket careers, to represent England. After raising a family and migrating to Australia, Ena spends many years trying to ‘discover’ herself, and coming to terms with ‘she’s just a girl, and can’t play cricket.’

300 Pages

ISBN - 1 876922 26 6

Price $29.95 AUD plus postage and handling


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24th April 2024