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Meet Tricia Frestel
Author of A New Tomorrow


Born in the south of England Tricia moved so many times she became adept at walking into the nearest school and enrolling herself.  Abandoned by her mother at an early age, she struggled to reach an independence in a life torn apart by conflict both within her family, and from the outside world.

She has been a lifelong member of the Scribblers Club since first learning her letters and presently belongs to no less than three Writers' Groups.

Twice widowed she followed her only child, Peter, when he emigrated from Africa to Australia with his small family, and finally settled in Perth where she lives quite happily with her small Jack Russell terrier, Sasha.

Proof of her several attempts to write fiction lies gathering dust on various bookshelves until she concluded that truth really is stranger than fiction, and much more interesting. Her somewhat fractured past provided a wealth of material.

A New Tomorrow explores her life, with its many twists and turns. Her poem at the conclusion provides a Reflection of this life.  It is a book, she truly feels, had to be written.

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Abandoned by her mother, Tricia grows up in England, Wales, Ireland and South Africa suffering the daily tirades of her manipulative stepmother, Winifred, who controls her life and loves even into adulthood.

Constantly moving, Tricia has a love affair with Africa and finally settles there, marrying John Frestel. She suffers the sudden loss of two husbands by the time she is forty, and raises her son, Peter, alone, doing whatever she must to survive. There are good times and bad times, and Winifred never seems far away.

A history buff, Tricia explores England’s and South Africa’s historic landmarks. She tracks down her mother in later years, and just when life should be settling down, she leaves her beloved Africa and starts a new life in yet another country.

16th January 2022