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Meet Andrew Bagust


Growing up in New Zealand in a rural community, I loved climbing trees or creating some peril to squeeze the last drop from my toothpaste tube of time, before dinner curtailed my wild adventures. I thought adults were boring talking by the hour about nothing. By twelve, I sat mesmerised, listening to endless passioned stories recounted in waves of loud raucous laughter. I concluded my ageing relatives were aliens from another planet as their pioneering world had little resemblance to mine. None the less, I wanted to record these stories for others to enjoy. How hard could it be, right? I’d already used words like a paintbrush writing poetry or telling bedtime stories, so why not a novel.

Travelling in 2015, I began writing about our quirky adventures, and encounters and was encouraged to write more. Adding to the thousands of hours of research my family had already done, I picked up a pen and started writing, feeling privileged to bring back to life characters from our families who left their own wonderful imprint in our DNA and on our landscape. And my brother said: “Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.”

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Captain Hector McQuarrie a seasoned shipwright, sails from Mull Scotland in 1855 for a burgeoning new world in Australasia. Buoyed with bright hopes and infused with the Clan McQuarrie spirit, He courageously forges new endeavours, settling in Auckland New Zealand.

In this same spirit, young Euphemia McQuarrie juggles managing the home, falling in love, all while seeking independence, and challenging women’s rights to equality, breaking out of society’s constraints to win the right to vote.

However, they are tested to the core. While experiencing struggles and storms at home, at sea and economically, and after losing a mother and sister to tuberculosis, they must also accept that the same disease may yet claim another.

And now, newly released  THE MCQUARRIE SISTERS

     Young, charismatic Harry Bagust strives to cast off garments of poverty, shame and kept secrets while struggling to fulfill dreams of a better life for himself and his family.  With a tenacious, competitive spirit, he searches for that pot of gold in his business pursuits, sporting prowess, and a quest for a father figure, yet in his life success seems just out of reach.

     Captured by his charm in a chance encounter, the McQuarrie sisters are drawn into complex relationships of passion and grief. Though enthralled by Euphemia McQuarrie’s courage, Harry is

dutifully joined to another, but, as that marriage fails, he returns to an independent Euphemia, who now will not commit to a life of marriage.

     Harry is in love with one sister, betrothed to another, then in a twist, marries the third. However, Euphemia still shares Harry's first love.

     A romantic, an optimist and pioneer in every sense, Harry's courage, blood, sweat and tears are soaked into New Zealand's very landscape and infrastructure.





I finally had a day to sit down and read your beautiful book. I think you have done a stirling job with the story and can only admire your imagination. Time and again you managed to weave in the facts and through your telling of the story, to put beef on the bones, as it were.  I feel it has enough general historical information to be of interest to all. Well done Andrew– can’t wait for the next one.


Hey I got in first and read your book. I’ve just finished it. It is sooo good Andrew!!! You have an awesome way of writing that is very engaging. I just read for 6hrs and was totally engaged. (That is hard to do with reading ) I cried and loved the journey and story-line that was woven in beautifully. It left me wanting more!!!! Well done!!


I have read in my life a huge amount of books which has been a lifelong passion specially historical fiction and this book that Andrew wrote is a great example of Historical fiction, It draws the reader into the story and then captures the reader with its story and the characters. It is an absolutely delightful read and I would recommend it to anyone. Andrew really has the gift of story telling.







24th April 2024