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Meet June Earle
Author of Adventures of a Far Away Bear Series


Born and educated in Perth, Western Australia, June is a happy wife, mother and grandmother.

A qualified photographer, June earned her stripes rising from dark room editing to printing and now digital photography, and has worked in the field with professional photographers, and  at Kingsway Portrait Studio until digital cameras took over.

Writing travel articles and general fiction, her work has been published in numerous anthologies.

She has been a member of The Society of Women Writers for over twenty years.

June is currently working on her memoirs/travelogue of her many travels as well as on the next set of adventures of B B and Dusty.

Adventures of a Far Away Bear is a delightful set of photographic books featuring B B Bear and his sidekick Dusty, an Australian Blue Heeler, as they try to catch up to B B's Uncle Willy.

The series is a showcase of June's stunning photography as she travels with husband Trevor throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Historic information is also provided making this an educational journey as well as one of a fascination with nature and historical landmarks.

Suitable for all age groups, Adventures of a Far Away Bear is a nine book series, each book containing a new location and a new adventure until the pair move on to find Uncle Willy.

The series is available through Linellen Press, and from Amazon and can be purchased individually to make up a set.

Now also available on Amazon as a lovely Coffee Table edition - all nine books in the one. Get it from Amazon at the link below




Review 1: Maria Bonar

 Travel writer and photographer June Earle spent twelve months touring England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in a motorhome. She wrote a series of nine colourful, educational and entertaining children’s books to record their travels, featuring BB, the adventurous teddy bear and his timid travelling companion, Dusty the blue heeler, as props. Spurred on by a postcard from his Uncle Willy who is touring overseas, BB gets the travel bug. He and Dusty fly to England to find Uncle Willy. They have their own exciting adventures and meet many friends while in pursuit of BB’s elusive uncle. Their adventures unfold through a series of impressive photographic images, which document each step of their journey from their travel preparations and flight from Perth Airport to the beauty, history and majesty of the many iconic places they visit abroad, such as Stonehenge, Glencoe, Snowdonia, the Giant’s Causeway and many other famous landmarks.


Review 2:  Di Black

June, I found the combination of your photos taken on your trip together with the exploits of B B the Adventurer and his trusty side-kick Dusty quite delightful. The long and exciting journey is full of interest and fun as they explore and have fun discovering what each country has to offer.

This enchanting cocktail of stories would entertain many a young child and stirs and awakens one’s memories as an adult. What an interesting and charming way to share one’s photos and experiences of their travels with others.


Review 3:  Patricia Watkins, Mandurah WA

Adventures of a Far Away Bear tell of extraordinary journeys that B B and his friend Dusty take from Australia to England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and beyond in a motorhome.

They give a bird’s eye view – I beg your pardon – a bear’s eye view with his pessimistic friend – an Australian blue heeler­ – of God’s handiwork through Mother Nature and Man.

These books will give children and parents an insight to their countries’ culture, sagas, animals – both tame and wild – and amazing scenery.


Review 4: Anne-Marie Price

The endearing and enchanting series “Adventure of a Far Away Bear” by June Earle will delight and excite children to explore the wonders of Great Britain. As B B the bear and Dusty, the Australian Blue Heeler, search for B B’s Uncle Willy, they satisfy their own thirst for adventure as they travel around England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The photography is beautiful and magical. The story and characters will capture the hearts and minds of not just the young but the young at heart.


Review 5: Lynne Doyle

 A charming set of books that will delight children and adults alike.

June Earle has captured the beauty and colours of the British Isles through the lens of her camera, almost as if the animals and birds conspired with nature to pose just for her.  A very clever way of both entertaining and learning about history through the dialogue between B.B. Bear and Dusty the dog.The clever interaction with the birds and animals set against wonderful landscapes will be loved by children and the witty dialogue will give adults a bit of a chuckle. 

The footnotes at the bottom of the pages with added information is interesting without being overwhelming or overshadowing the story line. The pictures alone will put a smile on your face.





24th April 2024