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Meet Lynne Hunt


Professor Lynne Hunt

Lynne grew up in the Cotswolds (UK) before attending Liverpool University to study Sociology. She backpacked to Australia in 1973, where she married and had two children. She worked in universities around Australia and retired in 2010. She is now Emeritus Professor, University of Southern Queensland.

She has co-edited three books about university teaching, as well as ‘Claremont Cameos’ – a book about teachers in Western Australia. She also wrote a chapter about rural women in the book, ‘Yilgarn, A good country for hardy people’.  Many of her publications are now available open-source through ResearchGate.

Lynne also takes an interest in family history and stories about the diaspora of her UK family. So, working with relatives in the UK, Australia and Canada, she initiated and developed the Hartland Britton Website.

Storytelling lies at the heart of Lynne’s work, especially in her most recent book, ‘Making meaning: Making sense’ (Linellen Press 2022). She now draws on stories from all her books in invited public lectures and community-based storytelling workshops.

Lynne was awarded the 2002 Prime Minister’s Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year, and she received an Australian Executive Endeavour Award in 2009. She remains committed to the success of university students in her retirement. All royalties from ‘Making Meaning: Making Sense’ will be donated to an international students’ scholarship fund at an Australian university. Please share the information about her book to maximise benefit to the next generation of university students.





Hartland Britton Website


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Making Meaning: Making Sense

This book of stories emerged from a life lived in parts: part in the UK; part in Australia; part traveller; part writer; part academic teacher and researcher; part daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, step-mother – but the implication of the parts is always fully feminist.

From a childhood in the UK’s chocolate-box pretty Cotswolds, a university education in Liverpool in the ‘Swinging 60s’, and an adult life in Perth, Western Australia, Lynne tells stories that offer readers of all generations space to reflect on their own lives

This is philosophy without the boring bits because the stories make you think. They are intimate, universal, global, fun and unbelievably true.

Lynne dives deep into her reservoir of stories – sometimes waving, sometimes swimming or treading water, but never drowning. They are stories of life filtered through a reflective lens sharpened by analysis and sometimes bitter experience. They are stories of a life journey well-travelled.

Available in normal print, large print and e-book formats at all good online bookstores.


Professor Nikos Kokosalakis - Greece

The wish in Greek for new books is ‘kalotaxido’, meaning ‘a good journey round the world’. This book will travel far. It is engaging, challenging, entertaining, literary, artistic, thoughtful, erudite, humorous, sensible, sensitive, and it makes meaning of life.

Val Jackson -Retired Teacher Librarian - Australia

Here’s a woman who has had a remarkably RICH life in all aspects - physical, emotional, and intellectual. Her stories are expressed in writings of high literary quality that are very readable. The bonus is that she causes readers to be self-reflective about their own life experiences. These writings make one reflect on one’s own life. You may sometimes disagree - but these writings will make you think! Very readable writings, which show the extraordinary richness, of one woman’s life. A wonderful tapestry of intellectual, physical and emotional experiences.

Jane Lamb - UK

Honest, illuminating, challenging, affectionate – but realistic. And yes, amusing. There’s lots of humour in these stories.

Dr Louis Moser  - Australia

I’d call this book ‘The Sense of Senselessness’.

Professor Denise Chalmers - Australia

A life through a looking glass of social theory, reflection and unplanned (sometimes unwanted) experiences.

Dr Janina Trotman  - Australia

This book cuts through the cloth of life. It puts together life’s pieces, unpicks them, darns, picks-up stitches and makes a lifejacket created with humour, courage and insight.

Dr William Meredith  - UK

It's honest, engaging, well-written and also amusing.

Philippa Sully - UK

This book shows the power of stories. It puts a human face to family connections, generational change, and what it meant to be a female baby-boomer living in a new country.

Professor Robyn Quin - Australia

These stories do not simply illuminate the rich life of the author, but give the reader new insights into their own journeys and interactions with family, friends, and colleagues

Dr Marilyn Lee

I can’t tell you how much I love your book. Even though we live in different worlds the familiarity of your stories is remarkable. I am traveling with my twin sister and have been reading excerpts. She will be buying the book. I will be thinking of ways to share some of the stories with my friends both in the UK and the US. I’m so glad you were able to get it out there quickly! 

 Jean Rutherford

Thank you for the book, Lynne. I read your ‘Letter to Ruth.’ It’s so emotive and beautifully written , I reached for the tissue box . Can’t recall reading a book and crying. It was very moving .







24th April 2024