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Manuscript Services


Linellen Press offers the following assistance to writers:


Manuscript Preparation

     Contact Helen for a quote on designing your book and cover,
whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry or
children's picture book.


Editing Services
Editing and proof reading services are available for accepted manuscripts.    
Editors work in close consultation with the author
to ensure the material does not lose the author's 'voice'.

Cost: $55.00 per hour



Affordable Critiquing & Manuscript Assessment Services

Manuscript assessment concentrates on plot, theme, character development, writing style, and plot credibility. The comprehensive report outlines what works, where shortfalls occurred, and also offers suggestions on how to improve the work.

Contact Helen for a quote.

Payment to be included with the manuscript or by arrangement.


Email linpress1@bigpond.com with details and time frame required by.