Indelible Ink

Indelible Ink is a collection of prose and poetry by the author of Bitter Comes the Storm. Varied in style and subject matter the fifteen stories, fifteen poems and three articles have all gained major awards or commendations in competitions or been published in magazines or anthologies.

152 pages

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Lest We Forget

In commemoration of '100 Years of Anzacs' members of The Society of Women Writers WA pay tribute in prose and verse to the original Anzacs and all who served to keep this country free. Factual and fictional stories, articles and poetry themed around the ANZACS and the trials they endured.

140 pages

$9.50 US


A Taste of Childhood

A smorgasbord of childhood memories blended with the food, culture, family traditions and landscapes at the heart of the stories.

Page 134

$8.00 US