May 30, 2018 @ 12:18 PM · Helen at the Helm

Hi Authors!

Welcome to our first blog on the Linellen Press website! 

We are really excited about spreading the word about writing (and publishing), and want to share all the good news we have about what is happening in our publishing space at the moment.

The good news for May, 2018 is I have finally had time to make some serious adjustments to our website, and release a whole swag of new, beautiful books.

Congratulations to our authors, Marianne (A Villa in Umbria), Lyn (A Rough Road), June (The Adventures of a Far Away Bear - 9 book series), Geraldine (One or Two a Day) and Helen (The Horse Keepers) for their May releases. You have all kept the office extremely busy. But we do like busy!!

We are now clear again to focus on new projects as we head into the new financial year, a year we will investigate branching into producing Audio books as well.  Watch this space and see how we go. It will be a big learning curve.

Right now, take a moment to check out the website and our authors new releases and see what is possible for you as a writer. 

From next week I will be posting a weekly or fortnightly blog, mainly about writing or editing or quotes that might inspire you to travel down the road to publication.

The first tip is:  Write at least a page a day!

Talk to you soon