August 2, 2019 @ 3:57 PM · Helen at the Helm

Hello everyone,

Our wonderful overseas holiday is over - London, Paris, Florida, Bahamas, Mexico, Las Vegas and home - and we are back at the grindstone producing beautiful books. Unfortunately it took a little while to restore the house and office after a break-in on our third day away, but things are returning to normal, and we are back to working long days being creative.

Since returning we have published some really wonderful books - Travels in the Realms of Gold, Bus Stop Bears, The Fragrant Garden, and Remembering Catharine  which are are doing really well. Check them out.

There are eight more books on our production list, including reproductions of books that were published a number of years ago. It never hurts to give them another run.

I have been out and about delivering, or preparing, courses on writing - 'Writing Children's Picture Books for Non-Artists', 'Write Your Novel', and 'Writing Your Life Story', all popular courses which I love delivering, and also helping new writers to structure their stories, sometimes through changing the Point of View and story tense. I get enormous pleasure seeing 'the light suddenly come on' with writers when they realise what they can do to get themselves moving again on a project. 

On my own projects, I am currently editing Dark Secrets, a murder thriller, which will be my next novel released. Then we are going to investigate doing Audiobooks. Very interesting times ahead. 

For now, I hope you are all writing madly away, with your eyes focused on the publishing horizon.

Talk to you again soon.