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Meet Les McLaughlin


Born in Glasgow, Les has lived more of his life in Perth, Western Australia than in Scotland, yet his accent is still so strong some people think he has just stepped off the boat. He moved to Perth in 1978.

A licensed electrician who worked on many large construction projects, Les was the State Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union in WA until September 2017 but is now retired and enjoying his many and varied interests.

He is married with two children, two grandchildren, and an adorable Border Collie.

An avid writer and photographer, Les tapped into his experiences as a Union Secretary, and his keen interest in military strategies the develop the plot of this, his first, novel.


Paul McNicol, a Western Australian union official, whilst on an overseas investigation for a proposed major construction project in WA, finds himself catapulted out of normal negotiations into a world of wealth, corruption, backstabbing and violence.  When leaked documents raise major concerns about the true purpose of these meetings, the lengths the USA’s largest industrial construction company and members of the Australian delegation are prepared to go to gain approvals for Project Damocles becomes obvious, and Paul’s life is on the line.

      How can he prevent the secret storage of nuclear waste and weapons at the proposed facility in the Western Australian desert while keeping his family safe? He is under constant surveillance by various groups, but who can he trust?

26th March 2021