Write Your Memoirs Training CD



guides you through the process of writing your life story. The advice
provided on the CD also includes a number of writing activities to start
the process of getting your words down on paper. A range of templates
for recording events in your life will help spark memories that will further
assist you in the writing process. 

The CD also outlines a variety of options for producing your Memoirs that
can be inexpensive and easily achieved by those with little computer
The training is designed to help you write a truthful account of your life
in a style that is an enjoyable read for friends, family or your readership. 

This CD can be used when writing in the privacy of your own home, or is
great as an activity session during a writing group meeting.

Order your copy through Linellen Press at linpress@tpg.com.au

Price - $20.00 plus postage.