Writing Challenges 1 - 26 DVD


Creative Writing Sessions on DVD


CREATIVE WRITING CHALLENGES features over 8 hours of writing exercises and activities to get your pen moving as you learn to let go of your inner critic and let your pen fly.

Twenty six activities, divided into four two hour writing sessions, will challenge your pen and your imagination and take you places you never thought your writing would go.

A session on basic editing will help you polish your work and keep you occupied for even more hours turning your stories into publishable works.

This training CD is designed to help you make your creative writing stand out above the rest. 

Sessions on this CD are:

  •       Introduction
  •       Challenges 1 to 6
  •       Challenges 7 to 13
  •       Challenges 14 to 20
  •       Challenges 21 to 26
  •       Editing

This CD can be used when writing in the privacy of your own home, to break Writer's Block, or is great as an activity session during a writing group meeting.


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